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Pachira is a smart voice recognition and language management platform, providing innovative cloud-based professional services and solutions via internet, mobile and enterprise applications.


Pickupp is a multiple transport-mode delivery service utilizing "walkers" that use available public transport, scooters/motorcycles, vans, trucks, etc. to deliver anything, anytime, anywhere at a fraction of the cost.?


Launched in 2012, PicMix is Indonesia’s leading content discovery and social commerce platform. The platform offers users a wide range of photo and video editing and social sharing features.


PICOOC is a global-leading intelligent peripheral developer and they specialize in cloud computing, HCI, data mining, base development and health monitoring.

Pink Diary

Pink Diary is a popular mobile application for young women on the IOS and Android platforms that helps users record their daily life happenings in photos, videos, and notes.


A consumer insights platform that connects businesses with readily accessible high qualified respondents.


Prenetics is a leading genetic/digital health company in Southeast Asia. They empower individuals with valuable health information that is procured with a simple DNA sample.?

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