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Teambition is a cloud services platform based in Shanghai that provides products and services to promote team collaboration and project management.??


TechNode is a leading China-focused tech media uncovering the latest news on start-up entrepreneurs, investors, large companies and industry trends in China and Asia.

Time Voyager

Time Voyager is a Singapore-based company founded by seasoned game developers from Singapore, Taiwan & China. ?The company is currently working on a large-scale 3D MMORPG titled "Chaos Gate," which is in the process of being published in China.


Travelio is an online home rental provider for low-middle budget travelers. The company provides professionally-managed properties owned by property owners and developers to help them to rent out their vacant properties.

Travelling With Hotel

Travelling With Hotel is a group of hotels and hostels which provides its users with travel accommodation integrated with local cultural experiences.?


Triip is a travel platform dedicated to bringing together local experts and travelers to create genuine and unique cultural experiences. It enables local individuals to become Triip Creators.


Tripfez is an innovative online portal dedicated to the specific travel requirements of Muslim travelers. It features more than 150,000 properties worldwide, creating a one-of-a-kind reference and booking tool for Muslim travelers.


TripVisto is a leading Indonesian provider of tour packages, where users can find a wide range of tour packages for both domestic and international travel, including flights, hotels, tours and more.


Tuniu is China’s largest online tour package reseller, offering more than 16,000 different domestic and overseas tour packages through its own website and call centers.

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